No one thought David Pettey would amount to anything in weightlifting when he first started training 7 years ago. As a scrawny boy, weighing about 120 pounds with 2% body fat, people probably thought that a strong gust of wind could come along and easily blow him over at any moment. Even squatting anything over 100 pounds for more than a rep was a struggle at that point. So after having 3 different coaches tell him that he wouldn’t make it as a great weightlifter, David was determined to prove them wrong and learn everything he could on his own, despite no one believing in him at the time.

He began experimenting with different programs, different variations, videoing himself to compare his form and technique to other experienced lifters, and gaining as much information as possible to help increase his knowledge and gain a better understanding of every lift.

After countless trials and errors and having to repair several injuries, David gained an immeasurable amount of experience and understanding that is invaluable in aiding any lifter on their journey to increasing strength, no matter where they are starting from.

“It's because of my past that I am able to fully understand the value that even the smallest amount of guidance or encouragement can have, regardless of what the circumstances may appear to be on the outside,” states Pettey. “Today it's not uncommon for me to hear things like ‘Oh man, you're lucky you're so strong’ or ‘Oh wow! You're so quick under a bar I wish it was possible for me to be that fast.’ What most people don't seem to understand is that they are actually way ahead of where I started 7 years ago.”

David is an avid believer that with enough time, hard work, and proper coaching, you can become anything you strive to be.

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David’s Weight: 165 lb

David’s Lifts:

Snatch 265

Clean and jerk 325

Bench 300

Back Squat 420

Deadlift 545




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