Take your business with you, wherever it may be

Coach and Train Anywhere

Our Training Suite App is designed to keep you connected with your clients on the go — a great add-on to the fully powered desktop web platform.

Activity Feed

Stay on top of your client's needs

Be on the loop with all activities of your clients, be it enrollments, payments, training history, and more with Metron's timeline view.

Get notified in their training progress whenever they need new assignments, review their workout logs.


One inbox for all your needs

More that just chat messaging — Team Inbox can send videos, images, recordings and other attachments that allows for better visual coaching of proper techniques, or execution.

Present a unified front to your clients, by letting staff and admin reply as a business with seamless experience across desktop and mobile

Manage client and programming

Be in control, even on the go

The Metron App equips you with features that allows you to be fully in control to deliver what your client needs. Our Mobile CRM allows you to assign workouts, apply coupon, change client subscriptions, check all their enrolled programs, and notes that reminds you specific details for each client.

Chat with our support Agent

Deliver great support experience

Deliver great support experience to your clients, with agents that have extensive knowledge on their programming, membership, and other technical inquiries. A dedicated Help Desk allows you to include our support in the very conversation you're having with your client.

top notch Experience

Better than in-person training

The bodyweight experience allows your clients to have a continuous playback of the entire workout with audio guidance.

The run workout experience helps people run better with GPS run tracking, real-time audio guidance, & personalized pacing.

The gym experience takes the complexity of programming and simplifies it for every individual. The weights are planned, rest is automated, & video demonstrations are given with every exercise.

Adaptive nutrition plan, choose your goal for your client and let Metron calculate nutrition macros to keep your clients on track.

Custom brand design

Metron will look & feel like your own app

Bring your personal touch on every exercise with  your unique exercise name and video. Your logo, notes to clients and overview content but without the hassle of making your own app.

 Download Training Suite App

App available on mobile for iOS & Android.