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Create hyper personalized training programs with multiple income streams. Sell your programs in calendar, 1-on-1 or membership subscription formats

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Uniquely Personalized Program

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Deliver Uniquely Personalized Program

Metron allows you to train your clients effectively through baseline evaluation and protect your intellectual property by delivering your program in weekly assignment based on your clients' training data and adjust as their performance changes 


Workout Builder

Our dynamic workout builder supports programming in a variety of disciplines such as CrossFit, Marathon, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Mobility, Stretching / Yoga and more.


Adaptive Personalized
Training Experience

Metron's mobile app can help your client train smart, maximize time and avoid “plateau effect” by training at the right intensity to stimulate growth.

Start, grow, and scale

Your Own Training System

Create your own training system and stay ahead of your competitions


Metron Business Edition

A unified platform that allows you the flexibility of managing multiple products and services, with the simplicity of handling one.

Build Passive Subscription Income
Launch Your Own Referral Programs
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Personalize & Protect Your Programming
Manage All Your Operations In One House
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