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Create your training system once and reuse it in our expanding range of products and services without additional effort — increase your distribution.

Virtual Trainer

Train more people all around the world and let Metron handle the entire operations.

1-on-1 Coaching

Train more people with data based personalization, all while saving time and staying organized on one platform.

Calendar Program

Create event prep or monthly challenge. Deliver personalized programming through the calendar.

Linear Onboarding

Create your own branding, customize programs and products all in one flow that allows you to create a program ready for selling to your clients.

Multiple Pricing Plans

Update pricing plans quickly with Metron’s out-of-the-box options of one time, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually subscription.

Automatic Chargeback Handling

Metron automatically emails the client to withdraw, cancel, refund the payment or submit all receipts and recorded conversations as evidence.

Secure Checkout

Securely handle all payments and transactions with a turn-key checkout page.

One-click Purchase

Securely keep payment info on file for one-click future purchase options.

Smart Payment & Retry

Expired credit cards result in a loss of business, but with auto messaging and payment grace periods, churn is reduced.

Pause/Resume Subscription

Many factors can derail training, but Metron’s simple pause and resume feature provides the flexibility that can optimize a client’s experience.

International Support

Your business can accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country in 135+ currencies.

Sign Up Links

Create enrollment links and share them on the Internet. Get your business up and running in minutes.

Coupon Code Management

Create coupons to provide incentives for actions and or share some savings around holidays or events.

Smart Client List

Filter, search and have a detailed overview of each client, staff or admins in one client tab.


Workout Builder

Bring your workout to life with personalization

Personalized Weight

Create your workout using rep max or % of effort. Let the platform track the user's performance and set the targets for you.

Personalized Pace

Create your workout using either the preset pace or % of effort. Let the platform track the user's performance and set the targets for you.

Specific Workout Experiences

Different workout types deliver different metrics, calculations and continuous video playbacks.

Intuitive User Interface

Create, copy, delete, multiply, and clone exercises quickly with realtime previews of how it will appear in an app.

Custom Workout Video

Add your personal touch with video to provide instructions, tips and tricks, or just motivation!

Organize by Tags

Use tags to keep your library organized and quickly find your workouts.

Massive Exercise Library

Our library has over 2400 exercises to choose from. It's always growing to accommodate your needs.

Smart Search

Search all workouts quickly by name, exercise, equipment or tags.

White Labeling Exercises

Bring your personal touch on every exercise with  your unique exercise name and video.


Program Builder

Create your own training system with Metron’s professional toolkit

Flexible Scheduling

Schedule your workout by day or by week. Let the Metron deliver personalized assignments a week at a time.

Auto Versioning

Edit your existing training program without worry losing the contents.

Realtime Preview

Preview your contents as you create the program. Just publish it to see the changes on your phone.

Baseline Assessment

Schedule benchmark workouts or tests to update personalized targets anytime throughout the training period.

Overview Menu Builder

Create rich training materials with video playlists, articles, links or link to other programs.

Import Program

Reuse existing program to create another new program.

Program Linear Onboarding

Create programs much easier with no hassle with one flow that covers all customization to ready for adding in the products and services.

Training and Nutrition

Add nutrition to your training schedule to create exceptional results. See nutrition for more detail.

Macros Manager

Create endless nutrition combination using our 7 Day Macro manager. Break your macros up by using a percentage of calories, client's bodyweight, or combination of both.

Auto-calories Assignment

Choose either daily or weekly calories percentage adjustment or let Metron automatically calculate nutrition macros to keep your clients on track.

Macro Tracking

Track your client's progress and compare how close their daily macro nutrient intakes with your nutrition protocol.


Affiliate Services

Earn more with recurring commissions on referrals

Sales Reporting

Track all activities, conversions, sales, revenue, available funds in real time.

Manage Affiliate Links

Create, delete and see total traffic per link.

Manage Coupons

Create coupons based on the permission of your contracts.

Manage Contracts

Accept or review detailed commission terms and agreement.

Marketing Resources

Access to pre-made graphics, marketing languages to help you boost affiliates’ sales.


Team Inbox

Never lose track of your clients, gain insights of your clients like never before

Comprehensive User Profile

Organize all communication, payment, training history, profile, client App versions, Schedule, and Subscriptions.

Team Inbox

Track all customer service requests through the shared inbox.

Activiy Feed

Keep updated with all the activities of your clients through the timeline view. Be it enrollments, payments, training history and more.

Scheduled Messages

Set messages to send on specific days and certain hours with conditional action responses to clients activity.

Client Follow Up

Coaches can specify certain follow up rules for the system to automatically move the message to the top of the inbox.

Designated Staff

Scale your workload by assigning specific staff to accommodate a client.

Subscription Management

Add a coupon to an account, unsubscribe or remove a membership.

Export Client Data

Get the summary of your clients’ details in one downloadable file.

Help Desk

All your inquires and issues are segregated in a separate inbox that is specifically for Metron Support assist you and your clients.

 All In One Platform

All the tools you need to manage and grow your business.

A unified platform that allows you the flexibility of managing multiple products and services, with the simplicity of handling one.

Build Passive Subscription Income
Launch Your Own Referral Programs
Deliver An Exceptional App Experience
Personalize & Protect Your Programming
Manage All Your Operations In One House