Professional Triathlete

A former All American swimmer and an experienced professional triathlete with top international finishes including a 2nd place overall finish at the Hawaiian Ironman World Championships, 2-time member of Team USA at the Hawaiian Ironman, 2nd place overall finish at the Ironman World Championships in Canada, and a 1st place overall finish at Ironman Brazil.

Crossfit Athlete

Coach Chris has been a CrossFit athlete for 6 years. He specializes in endurance coaching for the CrossFit athlete. Chris is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer, CrossFit Competitor Course certified, CrossFit Endurance certified, CrossFit Mobility certified, Certified Rocktape Doc, NC Lab Scientist, and coach at NorCal CrossFit.

Endurance Coach

Coach Chris is the endurance coach to more than two-dozen Games athletes including Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Jason Khalipa, Rich Froning, Matt Chan, Lindsey Valenzuela, Alessandra Pichelli, Dan Bailey, Julie Foucher, Lauren Fisher, Neal Maddox, Garret Fisher, Gretchen Kettleberger, Rory Zambard, and Cole Sager.


"At the Games, there was a lot of running, a lot of longer events. Chris helped me tremendously like on the Row, Naughty Nancy the Burden Run, all that…everything Chris did helped me in every single workout. Teaching me pacing; I would definitely give him credit for how well I did at the Games."

Garret Fisher - 5th Place at the 2013 CrossFit Games

"I have been working with Chris for almost a year now and he has impacted my athletic abilities more than I could have ever imagined."

Lindsey Valenzuela - 2nd place at the 2013 CrossFit Games

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  • Endurance Coach for Rich Froning (2014 CrossFit Games Champion)
  • Endurance Coach for Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (2014 CrossFit Games Champion)
  • 2nd - Hawaiian Ironman World Championship


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