June 9, 2017

This is a new blog series that will showcase and highlight new features that were not available on the latest iOS release but, will be available in future iterations.

After downloading the first release of Metron 2.0 iOS Beta (Build 34) you may have noticed that you do not have the capacity to alter your workouts. You can only follow the workout as prescribed by the given coaches. This is great for coaches to ensure that their workout methodologies are being executed properly and effectively. However, this is unfortunate at times for the user’s whom have the capacity to recover faster during their rest and start their runs sooner. In addition, there are also times in which you may need to cherry pick and modify the workout for one reason or another. Version 1 of the web application actually has this flexibility built in with features such as  “Delete” and “Modify.” After utilizing and testing the iOS as an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) we felt strongly that the feature to modify your workouts was vital and we attempted to get it installed last minute. We learned a critical lesson here, test, test, and test some more. That implementation had caused a crash in the system, which was the root cause for the Beta release. The good news is we have it under control and are working the bugs out.

We will be providing you with the capacity to access this modification by pausing your workouts intra-set.  A new user interface (UI) will display your entire workouts in a list view and identify what you did and how far you completed the workout with progress bars on each exercise.  You will also have the ability to scroll to a new set or resume a previous set as well.  


An additional enhancement will come in the form of audio options. You will have the ability to turn on and off audio guidance at will. I personally think audio guidance helps my runs and provides me with awareness and encouragement when I am slowing down or I am running off the pace. In addition, it cues me to slow down, if I am feeling too ambitious and exceeding the recommended pace. We must keep in mind that every individual is different and has various preferences on training styles, therefore we must provide the flexibility to accommodate all users needs to turn on and off audio guidance.  


We feel these update will give you the best flexibility to enhance your user experience. In the past we have implemented many features that our users have never seen, only to decide it was not worth it in the end. Beta should provide us with the framework to validate your needs and demands and what is truly important to you. We welcome your feedback and recommendations. If there is a decent demand for a particular feature you may just see it on future builds. We are big enough yet small enough to make changes that can influence the platform, so try us and see if we are listening.

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