June 7, 2017

Welcome to Metron 2.0 Beta iOS. We wanted to prepare you for the bugs you’ll inevitably encounter while testing the first iteration of beta. Although not all bugs are uncovered yet, here are a few common issues and solutions that you can try to make sure the issue you are experiencing is a known bug.

The app crashes when I try to play music (Known on iOS Version 10.1.1 Fixed in 10.3.2): If the app crashes when you try to play music, update to the newest iteration of iOS available for download.

Pacing guidance is too slow or fast: If the workouts seem too slow or too fast for your training protocols, please reset your race effort baseline assessments. The race effort baseline is a critical component of Metron and to be run at optimal intensity due to the fact it will predicate your threshold level and workout pacing from your coaches. We ask you to prove it by running in this version. This helps us give you accurate guidance over the course of your training.

Audio Response Errors (Sprint to Run): When you are in a sprint exercise/workout and you get directed into a slower run you may experience “Get ready to speed up to…” . Keep in mind that “Sprint” in Metron is the fastest pace, so the correct response should have been “Get ready to slow down to...” This is currently in the process of being fixed.

My Intra Workout Speed Indicator is jumping: This is why

Every time I paused the workout my music playlist gets reset: This bug is currently in the process of being resolved.

Program author says Metron support, who is the program coach? All programs in the marketplace are cultivated by one of our world-class coaches however due to technical errors a few may state that the program author is Metron Support. This is not accurate and is overview may state that the workout aut

I cannot skip the workout to complete week: This bug is currently in the process of being resolved and there are no current workarounds.

Past Workout Log Display Error For Weightlifting:  Since iOS is currently optimized for Running at the moment, your past workouts that are to be executed been in a gym setting will show in run format. Therefore track, train, and analyze all non running programs on the web platform for the time being

Updating bodyweight not working when saving run: When you finish a run and try to update your bodyweight you will notice that it is not saved.  If you do need to save your weight do so by editing your profile settings until we are able to resolve this bug.

Offline Mode Indicator Banner Intermittent: When you are offline, our goal is to notify you with a Banner on the top of the application interface. This should indicate why some features are working and some are not.  Currently the banner may be delayed and or doesn’t show.

Offline Mode Not Loading Specific Information and Not recognizing Subscription - When you are offline we cannot confirm you have a subscription, therefore only preloaded programs that have been loaded prior to going offline will display. If you never opened one of your plans than that information has never been downloaded and saved to your local device therefore we can not display it.

We hope these tips help, but feel free to add any in the comments or ask questions!

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