iOS Beta Update

July 25, 2017

QUICK TIP: If you are on BETA, delete the Metron Beta Application from your mobile iOS ready device prior to installing the new update from TestFlight. 

New Features:

Update: GPS- Formula 

  • The speed formula has been modified from a moving pace / GPS blend to an enhanced GPS formula that analyzes multiple GPS data points prior to giving an estimated pacing.

New: Text to Speech

  • This feature allows us to be nimble and precise with our audio cues, but you no longer get the pleasant sound of Co-Founder Craig’s voice.

Update: Audio Cue Bucket Ranges

  • To help smooth out the GPS error range and give better feedback.

New: Audio Cue Performance Commands

  • Changed the terminology when providing user commands to give more constructive advice.

New: Pre Run Personalized Pacing Audio Cue 

  • Your Cue will Say “Get Ready to run 400 Meters at an 8 minute 25 second, mile pace.”
  • Distance will be added on the next update, making the entire experience fully audio enabled.

New: Pre Run Personalized Distance Audio Cue 

  • Your Cue will Say “Get Ready to run 400 meters at an 8 minute 25 second, mile pace.”

New: Beginning of New Event Audio Command

  • Rather than a countdown leading to the end of the current event and the start of a new one, an audio cue will trigger at the start of next new event.
  • This is predicated upon optimizing training efficiency by not stopping or slowing down when you hear the countdown to finish cues. You will now only here “Run”,”Walk”, ”Sprint”, or “Rest” following beginning the next event.

New: End of Workout Audio Cue

  • At the end of a workout, you will get a notification through a “Completion Audio Cue” so we can truly make this hands free until the end of your workouts.

Update: Music Dimming Update

  • During text to speech, while music is playing, we updated the volume handling.

Update: Reset Estimate

  • Changed the flow for Resetting Baseline Estimate. More streamlined and precise for the type of athlete we are measuring.

Update: Jun Run / Race Effort

  • The Race Effort Tests now reflect event races for those users who are looking to log a longer distance run into their initial Baseline Estimates. This is to ensure better accuracy in distances further than 1 mile in predictive target pacing.

Update: User Preference Measurement

  • Updated the Unit of Measurement (Miles v KM) to reflect instructions via the pre and intra-run pacing estimates

Update: Saving Body Weight Following the Completion of a Run

Update: Blocked Personalized Audio Cue’s in the first 10 seconds

  • Audio cues will not be initiated until 20 seconds of running has been completed. We noticed a repetitive audio cue error based on the rapid change of pace in this initial phase, so we are waiting a bit longer till the user hits their true stride before prompting a command.

Update: Offline Sync Bar

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