October 10, 2015

Any coach can write a crushing interval workout.  In fact these are the easiest workouts to write because they require zero creativity.   I openly challenge all my athletes to ask, “Why is this workout, when considering all potential workout options, the highest and best use of my time?”

As an athlete, my favorite workouts are the long easy swims, runs or rides where I solve all the world’s problems. My focus during these workouts is on the distance and not the intensity.  I have always found the simplicity of these workouts to be a refreshing place where I put my physical, emotional, and mental issues back into balance.  However, these types of workouts also require little creativity to program.

I also recognize that balancing a range of athletic challenges (intensities) is critical to building long term performance. As a coach, my favorite workouts take the athlete to the edge of their experience (Coach Glassman…sound familiar?) while building knowledge, confidence and motivation.

I often have athletes that ask for workouts that will push their “edge”.  In response, I love giving them a stomach churning workout that provides them their key ingredients to maximize adaptation.

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