5 Must Haves For Engaging Video Content

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July 22, 2021

We live in an era of ever changing content creation. No longer is it a world of a quick snap of a picture and posting it with a long paragraph. The medium of consumer content consumption has changed, and as more brands start pushing video first content, its important to adopt these practices into your product offering to stay relevant.

Engagement is the key metric we need to look at when it comes to the long term viability of your product sales & retention.

Let's face it, video content is flat out more engaging & valuable that the old way of content consumption.

If we take a look at market trends

  • Big corporations are spending 51% more on video content production.
  • Social media algorithms are favoring video first content such as Instagram reels & YouTube shorts.
  • The growth and adoption of video first platforms such as tiktok

Think about it, why would someone read 15 pages of instructions when that same information can be condensed into a more precise & valuable 5 minute video that saves the customer time & energy.

Although it requires a little more upfront effort, its a set it and forget it type of medium. Meaning once you create it, it will consistently deliver high value content to your audience forever.

Here are our top 5 video ideas to help separate your product from the rest.

1.) Overview Guides & Walkthroughs (Nutrition, Program, Supplement)

Overview guides fall into the category of Training Overview, Nutrition Overview, Supplement Overviews, etc, you get the point.

Being able to concisely deliver the most important piece of your program with an engaging video will ensure your customers actually consumer your instructions and follow your advice. that you know people can watch and engagement will not only make your customers live easier but also flood your business with a pool of testimonials from people that actually get results. If people are engaged with your content they will absorb all your material and actually follow your advice how its supposed to be followed.

2.) Exercise Tutorial Videos

Exercise videos are a great value offering for your product offering to ensure that customers of all levels have the support & guidance to achieve their goals.

Providing proper step-by-step instructions makes sure your customers don't get frustrated or confused and allows them to stay injury free and contribute to your testimonial pool.

3.) Daily Workout Summaries & Guides

Let's face it, humans are obsessed with the lives of other people. There is a reason why reality tv is a thing. Although it may not seem appealing to you, keep in mind that if someone is willing to invest their hard earned money to buy your program there is a high chance they are willing to invest their time watching you walk them through a workout.

4.) Meal Prep Walkthroughs

Nothing gets someone motivated to meal prep then seeing the savory food on camera. A lot of time the biggest barrier for a person to follow a meal plan is the huge mountain they create in their head when it comes to time commitment. Meal prepping videos should make it fun and easy to follow along. It should highlight how quick and easy it actually is to meal prep and stay on your diet.

A good framework is

  • Show the savory meal before the walthrough
  • Manage expectations and tell them how long it will take
  • The prep & instructions
  • How to organize for the rest of the week.

5.) Weekly Overviews

As your program changes focus throughout the weeks, its important to update your customers with the important information they may need to know so they can adjust their training, calories, and time accordingly.

Having these will set you far & beyond the competition in the fitness industry.

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