4 Must Haves For A Great Onboarding Experience

Business Growth
July 28, 2021

Let's face it, 90% of product refunds come a few days after someone makes a purchase.

It tends to be a quick decision based on the first impression of your product or service.

Someone could have the best product in the world but if the customers feel lost or confused right after they make the purchase they won't even bother seeing the rest of your product and just ask for a refund.

Most people make it out to be ridiculously high standards or being too picky.

Very rarely does a customer ask for a refund because of high standards. If they feel lost, confused, and have no guidance of whats next, they feel ripped off and want a refund.

Very rarely does a customer ask for a refund if they feel genuine value & guidance right after making a purchase. Even if the product or service isn't what they expected or the "best" out there, if customers feel that you genuinely put in effort to make sure they knew what to do next and had everything they needed to succeed they will continue with the program.

Here are 4 Must Haves For A Stand Out Onboarding Experience.

Immediately after someone makes a purchase greet them with a "Welcome Video or Guide" using a checkout page & email that includes the following:

  • What they can expect throughout the program (Managing Expectations)
  • What the next steps are to started.(Get started) (Account set up, app downloads, setting up profile, etc.)
  • Where to find additional resources they may need. (Resource Guide)
  • How they can get a hold of you or your team. Invite to facebook (Help Center & Community Support)

Its key to manage expectations up front for the customer.

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