Physique Development was founded in 2014 by Austin Current and Alex Bush with the original name of Campus Physique. In 2016, Campus Physique rebranded to become what Physique Development is today. PD has three coaches on staff and has coached hundreds of clients around the world in-person and online.The Physique Development team is known for their evidence-based approach to training and nutrition with a heavy focus in proper exercise execution to accelerate results with their clients.

In 2017, PD added their third member to the team. Miguel Blacutt is a 3rd year student at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada studying Nutritional Biochemistry. Miguel has written for industry leaders such as Alan Aragon’s Research Review, Tiger Fitness, and Layne Norton. Miguel also works as a part of Menno Henselmans research team. Menno is one of the leading physique coaches and researchers in Europe. It is our mission to help you create a flexible and sustainable approach to your training and nutrition with evidence-based knowledge and experience to transform your lifestyle, mindset, and physique for a lifetime.