Hey All! 

I am Whitney Wiser, and I’ve been training consistently for almost 15 years now. Although my style of training has changed drastically from playing sports in high school to the bodybuilding style lifting in recent years, that same passion for fitness remains. When my high school basketball coach hired an offseason strength trainer for the team, I immediately took full advantage of this by trying to learn as much as possible because I loved seeing the results.

After college, it seemed like my competitive athletic days were over until I discovered the sport of bodybuilding. I had never truly followed a diet for more than a couple days in my life and grasping that concept of eating the same (or similar) meals every day for a couple of weeks at a time was the most miserable thing I could think of at the time! 

Over the past 7 years of competing, I’ve learned how to train effectively and eat without being miserable. I’ve accomplished this by trial and error of doing the wrong ways repeatedly (lol) until I learned the correct ways to achieve the look I want. I’ve also worked with several trainers over the years and have learned several different approaches that have aided me in developing my training methods.

I have been an IFBB Pro bikini competitor and a certified personal trainer for a little over 2 years now.My objective is to help people reach their goals – primarily fitness goals, but also general life goals. If the same discipline required to live a healthy lifestyle can be translated over to every aspect of your life, you WILL be successful.  Being healthy and looking great are just the beginning when it comes to the benefits of consistent training. 

Let’s work together to get your body and your mind on track to reach your goals.

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