NI’m Erin Stern, a self-coached 2X Ms. Figure Olympia Champion and lifetime natural athlete. I’m also a former Division 1 multi-event track athlete and Jr. All-American high jumper. 

My love of fitness has been lifelong, but my career in the fitness industry began in 2008. I was training for the Olympic Trials in the high jump, and I missed the qualification by 3 centimeters! A friend suggested I try figure competitions, and I ended up going Pro by winning the overall at my third show ever – 3 months after I started! The Pro stage was very different than amateur. It required more detailed isolation work in the gym. But, I found that I could still train like an athlete and avoid doing excessive cardio like the other competitors. I began combining intense, functional training with concentrated bodybuilding-style exercises. These efforts yielded me my first Olympia victory, a year and half after I turned Pro. 

Before I created my training programs, my weight would roller coaster from month to month. I would “diet,” and log in hours at the gym. I would get results, but I’d end up eating too much when I stopped dieting and doing a lot of cardio. I’d gain weight back and become discouraged. I wanted a better way to live. No one has hours to spend in the gym, and diets aren’t fun! My training style has allowed me to stay lean year-round, not feel deprived of food, and saves time in the gym. I truly believe that a physique can and should look aesthetically pleasing, but should also be strong, balanced, powerful, and healthy!

“I am motivated to be better than my previous best. I’m also motivated by the people I meet along the way. It’s just a big fitness family, and to be able to inspire and motivate others keeps me going. Ultimately, I want to be the Oprah of the fitness world, teaching people how to work out and showing them that when you have success in the gym, when you’re strong, that translates to confidence and success outside the gym.” ERIN STERN
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  • ‍2 times Ms. Figure Olympia Champion
  • Former Jr. All-American High Jumper
  • Lifetime Natural Athlete
  • Published Author




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