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It's time we shed the ancient theories surrounding training for the new world of science and technology driven, results based methodologies that deliver results. Rucking Fit blends the best of proven winning training methods into training plans custom made for ability levels and goals. Training for GoRuck selection by training for a GoRuck star course or an obstacle course will do nothing more than waste your time. Don't walk into your next GoRuck Heavy or Light expecting to lead from the front when all you have done is walked and ran for training. Having the right combination of strength, stability, endurance, and technique as well as designed progressive overload intensity and volume will train your body to produce more work, in less time, at a lower exercition impact on your mind and body. Basically with the right plan, work becomes easier, allowing you to do more, work longer, and not fall apart like those around you that failed to prepare.

When you're ready to take your CrossFit, muscle gains, mobility and stability, or fat loss and body composition to the next level, stop doing what you've always done, start doing what the leaders in those disciplines are doing. Hypertrophy cycles, speed strength cycles, lactic threshold training, dedicated endurance training, progressive overload waves, mobility and stability plans. This is why elite athletes are elite. They focus on the task at hand and outsource everything else. Your hard work and dedication deserves the best. Time and commitment should not be wasted. No matter what your goal is or what ability level is, the human body works the same from day 1 exercisers to olympic gold medalists. The formers training should mirror the latter in theory, with obvious modification to loads, intensity, duration, etc. That is what Rucking Fit delivers, training plans to maximum results from time spent training.

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