Bridging the Gap!

Metron combines the art and science of training via professionally designed training programs synergistically intertwined with AVP technology (Patent Pending: Adaptive Variable Personalization).  Adding AVP technology to an exercise, a user can experience an individual roadmap dictated by their objective performance data.

Stimulus Training

Stimulus training is the key to creating the specific stress to stimulate a response in a muscle that will maximize a user's result. In short, a user will train at an individualized weight or pace setting based on their personalized data. By providing the missing factor in training programs, we will eliminate the guesswork and produce faster results.

Customizable Workouts

Metron provides users the tools to customize a workout, eliminating factors that may impede progress.  Don't have the equipment?  No problem.  Replace it! We offer access to more than 500 specific exercise and equipment combinations to provide our users the flexibility never to be stopped.

Performance Report

Visualized your effort and put pages and books of workout data to use. Your data is stored securely in the cloud. Our performance report will provide a history of personalized exercise data that will bring clarity to your efforts.

Crowd Coaching

We are offering a new Premium plan that provides an all-access pass to a variety of coaching styles, splits, training days per week, goals and fitness philosophies. Plans that will help you meet your goals and keep you motivated. At some point, you may just want to try something new, feel free to try a new program. Or how about when you need to change your schedule or get stuck on the road with limited options, the premium plans gives you the freedom to adapt. Enjoy the ability to try a variety of coaching styles, splits, training days per week, goals and fitness philosophies while subscribing to the premium package.

Customer Support

When is the last time a support agent answered your fitness related questions? We know that communication is an essential part of training that's why we also provide a quality customer support to aid you in your workouts.

Experience Metron!

If you want to experience working out using the technology that maximizes your training results, then join our platform!