Affiliate Dashboard

Our best-in-class dashboard provides you with a powerful tool to manage your business. By partnering with us you can manage your earnings, referral links, coupons and more, all in one place!

Earnings Overview

Easily make sense of your income with our earnings feature. View your earnings over a period of time and understand what factors are helping to grow your affiliate business.

Manage Your Links

The easiest way to grow your business is by leveraging existing traffic on your site or blog with affiliate links. When someone signs up for Metron using one of your links, you earn for the lifetime of that user!

Manage Coupons*

For select affiliate partners, we offer a coupon management feature which allows custom distribution of unique coupons. Interested? Contact our support team to learn more!

*Specific contracts only

Customer Support

We are here to help you grow. Metron offers free support to all its affiliates so you can focus on what's important and feel confident doing what you do best - growing your business!

Become An Affiliate!

With Metron you can earn up to $20k/month in passive recurring income. Experience complete flexibility as you sit back and watch your affiliate business grow.

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