Olympus Athletic Club has been serving Rutherford County for over a decade with dozens of trainers. It is known as the “Mecca of the South” because of its results-driven atmosphere. When the owner, Sean Barber, started the first location of Olympus in 2003, his goal was to build an atmosphere to motivate a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition. There are now four locations across the Middle Tennessee area.

In staying with the initial purpose of driving results at this gym, Olympus wanted to take the training program to the next level with the new Virtual Training program.

“We have created a virtual training program so that anyonecan have access to a trainer without the high cost and without the time constraints of trying to schedule time with a trainer.” -Sean Barber

With virtual training, it’s like you have a trainer with you guiding you as you work to reach your goals.

For $30 a month you have access to the trainer of your choice with no contract and no cancellation fee. This includes:

  • Hybrid Personalized Training with the coach of your choice  
  • An evolving training program that grows with you as you evolve
  • Workout tracking directly from your phone
  • Performance and data workout history

Olympus Athletic Club is proud to present this training program that is affordable for all and more effective than ever. Choose your Trainer and your Program and start your fitness journey now!

Message from the founders

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