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Train with our personalized mobile app, store all of your training data, build and grow your online training business or find a program from our marketplace — all in one place.

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What Makes Metron Revolutionary?

The more you track and train with Metron, the more personalized your data becomes. Our system will continue to learn, evaluate and adjust your training targets as your performance changes.

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Workout Builder

Our dynamic workout builder supports programming in a variety of disciplines such as CrossFit, Marathon, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Mobility, Stretching / Yoga and more.

Train SmartER, Not Harder

Mobile App

Our app can help you train smart, maximize time, and avoid the “plateau effect” by training at the right intensity to stimulate growth.

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Why Build Your Online Training Business With Us?

Building a business is hard, scaling a business is even harder. We already helped a lot of training businesses scale to millions in revenue with personalized programming. Be the first to offer this in your market!