• Training Goal
    Gain Muscle
  • Average Workout Time
    60 Minutes
  • Times Per Week
    6x / Wk - 9 Weeks
  • Gym Access Required
  • Metron Membership Required
  • Program Level
Nutrition Plan Included

Personalized calorie and macro recommendations

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The Question I get more than any other:  How can I get bigger and stronger, but lose my body fat and get into shape?  The Unicorn is now my Response.  

I built this trainer with a few goals in mind

  • Get Stronger
  • Move Better
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Unilateral Stabilizaton
  • Functional Movement Patterns
  • Be Mindful of Mobility
  • Give them a real taste and variety of HIIT

Why did I name it The Unicorn? 

A Unicorn exemplifies the uncatchable, which is similar to the goal of this fitness plan. Get bigger and stronger, but lose weight is one of the hardest concepts to achieve in fitness and takes a well thought out sequence to accomplish it.

I want you to walk away from this trainer knowing that it's ok to mix modalities.  I will put you on a baseline week that will take you through a large variety of movements which you may have never done before.  The Metron training system will calculate the weight you should lift in the ensuing weeks based on my recommendations and your data.

This trainer will mix four very different modalities into a 3-day repeat split resting every 7th and will last 9 weeks including the baseline.  This will gives us the rest and recovery that will be needed to gain, all while moving just enough to reduce.

There is a Nutrition Calculator that will provide personalized macro based recommendations for every day in this nine-week plan. Update your body weight weekly, so we can dynamically base our next weeks recomendations of real-time inputs. Most calculators will collect your info upfront and then spit out the entire plan, but that is the difference between customized and personalized.

Not only is the training optimized, but the way in which we partition calories will teach you new tricks. You will be in both a caloric surplus and deficit during this trainer with a very easy to follow calculator that maps it out for you weekly.


  • 9 Weeks of personalized calorie and macros recommendations
  • 1 Week Baseline Assessment
  • 8 Weeks of Personalized Workoouts
  • More than 80 unique workouts
  • More than 100 food options
  • Threshold-based Adaptive Nutrition Calculator


If you don't have a few years of physical sports and gym experience or If you have a physical restriction, this trainer should not be the first one you try.


See you on the inside.
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