The Aesthetic Athlete

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  • Training Goal
  • Average Workout Time
    60 minutes
  • Times Per Week
    6x / week
  • Gym Access Required
  • Metron Membership Required
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Personalized calorie and macro recommendations

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Designed for the athlete who wants to compete, or just look like they do. The program is a mix of compound movements for strength, and isolation movements for aesthetics. Get stronger and leaner while building the physique you desire. The weight workouts will be based on an advanced algorithm using your current performance data.

Welcome to the Aesthetic Athlete! You’ll be challenged with a mix of exercises geared toward building strength and power, along with exercises specifically for sculpting the physique. Metron is a one-of-a-kind platform that allows you to see your progress in volume lifted and strength gained. We take the guesswork out of charting progress, so it’s easier to see if you’re maximizing your potential.

Workouts will be fast-paced. This means that you’ll see great results without spending hours in the gym. I’ll be available to answer your questions along the way. I’ll also host webinars to share training and nutrition specifics with you. Excellence is in the details, and I want you to strive for and reach your own excellence!

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