Super 60 - Metabolic Conditioning

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  • Training Goal
  • Average Workout Time
    85 minutes
  • Times Per Week
    6x / Wk - 9 Weeks
  • Gym Access Required
  • Metron Membership Required
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Nutrition Plan Included

Personalized calorie and macro recommendations

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  • Access to 25+ expert-designed programs
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  • Exclusive contents from top-tier coaches
  • Adaptive nutrition plans powered by your data
  • Premium training support — talk to a live person
  • Early access to Metron's preview release
  • Accesss to all the workouts on this program
  • Training tips from the Coach
  • Workout Personalization
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I will show you how to repair your metabolism and eat guilt free while gaining back little to no body fat

Learn how to increase your metabolism and lock in your weight loss, after a diet.

Super 60 will provide you the right protocol through Craig's methods, via training intensity and nutrition intake.  The Super60 calculator is dynamic and will change based on your weekly inputs.  If you gain too fast, Metron will recognize this based on your inputs and adjust your intake to keep you in line with Craig's thresholds.  Metron will also personalize the weights as you progress though this trainer making it one of, if not the most, advanced trainers in the market.     

Super 60 Perks:

  • Repairs a slowed metabolism 
  • Locks in lean body fat while reducing cardio
  • Expands your Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity
  • Gain Muscle and Endurance
  • Eat more Calories, while gaining little to no body fat
  • Take back your social life


Once you have successfully reached your dieting goals, it is important to make sure all that work has not been in vain. Super 60 teaches you how to get back to more normal training and nutrition regimens while keeping your body in excellent shape. Super 60: Training focuses on how you can fine tune your training routine to better meet your new fitness goals and teaches you new exercises to take your workouts to the next level.

Craig designed a schedule for eating back your calories to a normal level, so that by the end of the trainer, you will be maintaining your body fat and eating at estimated maintenance levels. Super 60: Nutrition also includes a dynamic calculator where you can insert a few simple data points and then it will automatically determine your caloric intake. 

Craig knows how hard that transition from a diet can be. You have proven that you had the willpower by successfully losing the weight. Now you just need some guidance on how to move forward with your new fitness goals. Super 30, the video jumpstart plan that came before Super 60, helped 1.2 million viewers in just the first week it was published. Super 60 can help even more people with its even more comprehensive nutrition and training advice. Super 60 gives you all the tools you will need to maintain, including:

  • 60 days of personalized calorie and macros recommendations
  • 60 days of Craig styled workouts 
  • More than 80 unique workouts
  • More than 100 food options
  • Threshold-based Adaptive Nutrition Calculator
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