Pyramid Periodization

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  • Training Goal
    Gain Muscle
  • Average Workout Time
    75 Minutes
  • Times Per Week
    5x / WK - 4 Week
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"Strength Gains are NOT Optional"

This plan is designed around a 4-week Strength cycle. You will get a taste of NLP Non-Linear Periodization along with an Ascending / Descending pyramid rep structure. 

You will have a 3-day baseline at the beginning of this training cycle, and then again once you finish. I have had my best strength gains when I followed a periodized training plan. I added the pyramid rep structure to help properly warm you up to your best lift, and then to add more volume on the back side of the pyramid to maximize muscle hypertrophy for size.

You can auto continue this training plan to make it an 8 week, 12-week cycle, or look for something new as your goals change. 

I have many plans, but this one is straight to the point and gives you quick feedback after the 5th week to compare your training performance. 

If your not using your own data to dynamically dictate your stimulus then you are not training smart.

Check out a sample workout below

If getting stronger is something you're looking for, then this is a great plan to rip for 4 weeks and then re-assess!

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