One Eighty Lady

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  • Training Goal
    Gain Muscle
  • Average Workout Time
    60 minutes
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    5x / week
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Creating a positive and knowledgeable environment to start from, your fitness goals and desires become more attainable as the end result is visualized more clearly. Take the guess work out and stop wishing you were where you'd like to be by taking the proper steps to get there sooner… Together with me Chelcea Gonzales

Breaking Basic Bitch:  is a term I like to use to fully get the point across that not everyone can do it but the Bossest of those who don't just try to be a part of it. They find a way to do it.

Once upon a time, in a place not so far far away, a curious little girl picked up her first fashion magazine. She flipped one glossy page at a time as her eyes became wider and her thumb slid faster with excitement.  The words began to disappear and like a picture book that had been bewitched; the images came to life for her as if she were the only one who could see them dance. From that very moment that little girl knew she'd never be a basic bitch. Soon enough that little girl grew into The One Eighty Lady with a beat of heart to further those who desired to achieve their health, fitness, and empowerment.

The BBB is personally customized for the athlete looking to make their wishes, resolutions and hopes for a more desirable body, a thing of the past. Transformation of creating an aesthetically desired models body first starts with the beautiful monster within you. Health and fitness goals vary as vastly as new advancements in training methodology. The Breaking Basic Bitch method simply starts with your personal discovery of how to build the fundamental foundation of a fitness model. Week by week you’re not only provided a step by step program in isolated sculpting and building movements but the knowledge of how and why through the personal coaching of internationally featured cover model and columnist, Chelcea Gonzales. Development of the brain will prove as equally important as the contour and shape of the body. Classic ideals of bodybuilding will be broken down daily to help you build an understanding of your own body and its development as you learn and create habits. Chelcea’s style of coaching is insistent on taking you to new heights mentally and physically all while using logic for maximum results. Through applying Intuitionistic logic to her program the traditional concept of truth, or expectation, is replaced with constructive provability, which combined will banish self-doubt and concur variables that regularly would be questioned. Fear of the unknown holds a close second place to excuses in being able to reach the goals that you desire. With Chelcea’s guidance and your personal self-discovery, working together as a team will create a thirst for leaders and set you aside from the Basic Bitch Mold. In the accomplishment of your program, you will have transformed both body and mind to create the very definition of the law of identity.

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