HVT - Lean Machine

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  • Training Goal
    Lose Weight
  • Average Workout Time
    60 Minutes
  • Times Per Week
    6x / Wk - 12 Weeks
  • Gym Access Required
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Nutrition Plan Included

Personalized calorie and macro recommendations

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I’ve designed this trainer to test your will power and guts. This trainer will pair 100 rep set groupings with body part specific supersets.

The Lean Machine is going to help transform your body all while conditioning and expanding your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds through weight training only. 

That's right, NO CARDIO!

We are going for broke on these exercises to recruit and stress as many muscle fibers as possible in hopes to repair them for new growth. I’ve used HVT as my primary form of training over the years, and it is through this style of training that I’ve been able to achieve a very lean look with a lot of muscle.

HVT is the exertion of a maximal force and energy through reps of a particular exercise until your muscles reach failure.

This trainer is scheduled for 12 weeks. Some weeks we will focus on a Heavy Volume approach with HV 100 rep sets, and other weeks, the focus is power and strength with a much lower volume.


When you feel you can’t push anymore, there is a reprieve, and when it feels like it just got easy, you’re wrong. 

In this trainer, you will never perform the same workout two weeks in a row. Workouts will change, making it difficult for your body to adjust to a specific resistance. Ultimately, I want to challenge your body to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible through weights, movements, multiple angles, and reps.

A nutrition calculator is built into this plan, providing the specific macronutrient goals per week, with the intended goal of reducing body fat.

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