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Team Assessment Description

On my way to finishing GoRuck Selection 021, I took notice to my fellow candidates. A few things became clear. First, the majority of performance failures come on the PT test. They spent to much time rucking and not enough focusing on the first hurdle. Second, the ones that did pass the PT test trained to past the PT test, and not for what happens after. During the first night it was clear not many were prepared for that level of muscular endurance and recovery efficiency. I remember looking around and asking myself "why everyone else was breathing so hard?". Ask any true endurance athlete, the name of the game is rate of perceived exertion. My training revolved around one core philosophy, not "how am I going to pass selection?" but "when I pass selection, how can I make my average heart rate lower than anyone else". This training plan doesn't teach you how to suffer, it prepares you to feel the suffering less, and most importantly, effect your mind and body less.

This 26 week training plan includes...

Phase 1: Hypertrophy and foundational endurance work

  • 10 weeks
  • 7 training session per week
  • 3 lifting sessions focusing hypertrophy
  • 1 strength session for full body strength, stability and capacity
  • 1 endurance session to start getting the body ready for increased volume in phase 2 and 3
  • 2 SST (sport specific training) sessions that will increase in intensity over 10 weeks and lay a foundation of physical preparedness

Phase 2: SST (sport specific training) sessions that will increase in intensity over 10 weeks and lay a foundation of physical preparedness

  • 8 Weeks
  • 7 training session per week
  • 1 lifting session focusing strength and muscular endurance
  • 2 strength sessions for full body strength, stability and capacity
  • 2 endurance session that build on phase one and progress in volume and intensity over the 8 weeks preparing you for phase 3
  • 2 SST (sport specific training) sessions that will increase in intensity over 8 weeks. Volume and duration increase from phase 1

Phase 3: Sport specific training

  • 8 Weeks
  • 7 Sessions per week
  • 2 strength sessions for and proficiency in carry, drag, lift, throws.
  • 2 endurance sessions to maximize cardiovascular stamina, endurance, and recovery proficiency
  • 3 SST (sport specific training) sessions to peak muscular endurance and recovery as you go into deload week for your event.


This training plan require the following equipment. We recommend conducting training at a CrossFit gym or similar training center, and possibly finding new or used equipment for items your gym may not have. All members of Rucking Fit are brought into the training community which is a great resource find ways to substitute certain equipment and economical ways to great training tools.

  • Ruck
  • Sandbags: 1 heavy weight (90/60#) and 1 mid weight (60/40#)
  • Stones or Sandstones: 1 heavy weight (150/100#) and 1 mid weight (100/70#)
  • Sled and dragging strap
  • Farmer carry handles
  • Yoke
  • Mid weight dumbells
  • Barbell
  • Weight plates
  • Box
  • Medicine ball
  • Slamball
  • Rower
  • Pull up bar

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