General Endurance and General Speed

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  • Training Goal
  • Average Workout Time
    60 minutes
  • Times Per Week
    2x / week
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The General Endurance workouts will develop your musculoskeletal, metabolic, and neuromuscular systems to be able to handle the faster training the will come later in the season. 

In addition, the GE workouts will allow you to handle much higher volumes without breaking down. These workouts are done by feel. The mental & emotional stress with these workouts should be the distance (not the speed). Walking is perfectly acceptable. The General Speed training will performed in parallel with the GE workouts. These pure speed workouts will challenge and optimize your neuromuscular foundation. In addition, sprinting requires high force sprints which will increase muscle fiber recruitment and extend the endurance of these explosive fibers. The stress in these workouts is the intensity (not the distance). Every interval has a "full-recovery" that allow you to pick the rest durations. The GS workouts are focused that first 8 seconds while using your highly powerful Phosphagen energy system. This training track starts with 8sec sprints, stairs, or sleds and finish with a 200m max effort time trial on week 8. Want more? This program also includes 4 "bonus" weeks which will continue the progression and finish with a 400m max effort time trial. The GS workouts (except for the max effort 200m & 400m) can be done on your other CrossFit training days.

Annual running programs must reestablish their structural foundation after every peak season event.  The most effective and efficient foundation building program includes general endurance and general speed workouts that build over a 2-3 month period.  

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