Advanced Olympic Weightlifting

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  • Training Goal
  • Average Workout Time
    90 minutes
  • Times Per Week
    5x / week - 9 weeks
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The body is an incredible machine that has the ability to receive stress that's put on it, and then adapt to be able to overcome those stresses. The best part about that fact is that we can pick which stressors we put on our body and force it to adapt in any way that we want.

Behind every single program or cycle or fitness-based methodology is the same simple underlining principle: 

Break down the body so that it can rebuild itself stronger to be more prepared to overcome the way it was broken down.

That takes us to the goal of this program and what you will gain from it. More Power, Plain and simple. This Advanced Olympic Weightlifting Cycle is focused on improving strength and power for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

So, what can you expect your training to be like while enrolled in this program? No mirrors, no machines, no gimmicks... Just clear, concise direction that will take hard work so that you can become stronger, faster, and more powerful than ever before.

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