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November 4, 2019

In todays 24/7 economy it seems nearly impossible to find the time to do the things we want for ourselves or even for our businesses. You hear it too often, time is money, therefore if you aren't working, you aren't making money. This old paradigm held true perhaps 10 years ago, however things are changing and technology is allowing us to scale our efforts & time through the means of automation, programable intelligence, and scaled communication.

Given that time is the most finite resource we have, true financial freedom will come from finding ways to leverage it and multiply our efforts as if we had 10 of ourselves specializing in different tasks. Throughout the years we have helped many fitness coaches earn an income online while giving them their time back to do the things that they want to do. Throughout this week we will be sharing our 3 Key Elements To Achieving True Scalability.

3 Key Elements To Achieving True Scalability

1.) Leveraging Technology

2.) Quantitive Measures

3.) Master Marketing

Leveraging Technology

Imagine if you could cater to 1,000+ clients all at once with the same level of detail you do with your one on one clients. Now imagine if you could be there in person to specifically pick out the weight or provide precise run pacing instructions for each one of those 1,000 + client. Well, 10 years ago that would have been nearly impossible to do without a staff of 20-30 people.

However, today we are able to do exactly just that through something called programmable intelligence. Programmable intelligence allows us to leverage technology to multiple our knowledge & time as if we had 1000 versions of ourselves working one on one for each one of those 1,000 clients.

Metron does exactly that. The software works like this, rather than creating something called one dimensional programming (pdfs, ebooks, excel sheets). Metron allows fitness coaches to create & deliver workouts on a multidimensional basis, meaning you provide workouts that adapt to your clients current performance. For example, if your client grows stronger or faster, Metron will provide the proper weight lifting stimuli or pacing instructions based your pre programmed knowledge & instructions.

3 Steps To Programmable Intelligence With Metron

1.) Baseline Testing

In order for the software to calculate the proper weights & run pacing it needs to understand an individuals physical capabilities therefore the software allows you to ask your clients to conduct a performance baseline for specific exercises that the coach will have them perform throughout the training program. These provide the software a quantitative  measure of how to provide weight & pacing instructions based off the inputted programming.

2.) Programming Training Methodology

Metron takes the training methodologies of a fitness coach and personalizes the stimuli of weight & pacing instructions for every single workout there clients perform

Currently the options of programming are limited to Gym, Running, Bodyweight, & Crossfit style workouts. However, will expand in the near future as the company evolves. You're given the capacity to program quantitatively by means such as % of 1 Rep Max, % of perceived effort, time duration, % of bodyweight, running pace effort & much much more.

3.) Performance Updates

Everyone has different adaptation rates meaning the speed of which they grow stronger and/or faster is all at different rates. Therefore, an integral part of Metron is the capacity to program Performance Benchmark testing. This basically updates our system with any advancements someone may have in performance and adjusts the weight and pacing stimuli according to the progress someone is making.

Pearsons law states the following, "When performance is measured performance is improved. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates."

Be sure to tune in for next weeks article on "Utilizing Quantitative Measures To Scaling An Online Business.

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