4 Secrets To Attract Your Dream Customers

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July 28, 2021

"The biggest problem that most entrepreneurs have is getting their future customer to discover that they exist." - Russel Brunson.

I would highly recommend reading Traffic Secrets by Russel Brunson if you are serious about growing your online business. The following steps are summarized explanations from the book on how to attract your dream customers.

Secret 1: Discover Who Is Your Dream Customer?

The most fundamental question, Traffic Secrets helps you discover is who your dream follower or customer is. This is important because if you are talking to everyone then you are essentially talking to no one. Figuring out who is consuming your content allows you to tailor your messages to those specific people.

For instance, the language you would use for an experienced athlete is going to be very different than the workout & nutrition instructions you would write for a college student who is just getting into fitness. While these two people may be both looking up similar recipes & workouts, the way the content is delivered for them is going to look different.

Secret 2: Make a “Dream 100” list

Your Dream 100 is a collection of 100 people of influence (i.e. influencers) that you’d like to work with. These 100 people share your values and wouldn’t mind communicating those values to yours and theirs prospects and customers.

So, the idea from Russell is to create four separate lists, each with 25 dream members:

  1. Bloggers
  2. Social Media Personalities
  3. Business Owners/List Owners
  4. Podcasters

Now… here’s the most important task associate with the Dream 100:

Secret 3: Dig Your Well

  1. Find their Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and like and follow. Share their content with your own lists. Add your own thoughts and stories and relate it to their content if you could and don’t forget to tag your connection, so you put yourself on their radar.
  2. Once you get close enough, try inviting them to do a podcast. I learned that from Russell, in that way you can ask them questions and learn about them some more, and then later share the podcast to both your audience and ask them to share it with their audience, so your audiences will get to know the both of you. Tom Bilyeu does a great job interviewing guests, you should take notes from him. He does his research on his interviewee and gives the most amazing introductions making his guests feel great! You should do that too!
  3. Join their mastermind groups, courses, coaching groups, or attend their events if you can. Or, if you can get an introduction from someone AND USE THE THIRD PARTY’S CREDIBILITY, that will give you a leg up and quicken the pace with building the relationship
  4. Share what you know as well. We’re all learning from each others anyways. Share your findings and discoveries if you think it meshes well with their core values as well.

Secret 4: Ads

The best way to target their audience, as I learned from Russell, is just to create Facebook ads that target people that like Elon Musk for example. That way, you can redirect people to your website (people who like public figures who are on your DREAM 100 and has clicked on your ads), get their email, and make them a part of your own list. Isn’t that a genius strategy?

If you are too lazy to read the book here is a quick video I found to summarize the dream 100.


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