Summer Shred - 60 Day Challenge

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  • Training Goal
    Lose Weight
  • Average Workout Time
    40 Minutes
  • Times Per Week
    5x/ Wk - 9 Weeks (60 Days)
  • Gym Access Required
  • Metron Membership Required
  • Program Level
Program Requirement

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  • Accesss to all the workouts on this program
  • Access to all Metron programs
  • Training tips from the Coach
  • Nutrition Tips
  • Workout Personalization
  • Access to Metron App
  • Accesss to all the workouts on this program
  • Training tips from the Coach
  • Workout Personalization
  • Access to Metron App
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Summer60 is your “Get Ready for Summer 60 Day Challenge!!!” …Time to get bikini ready (or board short ready), and you can do it in 60 days!

Don’t fall off track from your new year’s resolutions and fitness goals just yet! The warm weather is just around the corner and you want to look your best. No matter if you’re planning a luxurious vacation getaway on the island of your dreams or simply want to be the best looking person at the lake this year - set your goal and get moving. Let’s kick your training up a notch with this program to get you the results that you’ve always want.

This Program Includes: 
25 Complete Workouts (3 per week) include: 
- Full body workouts
- Upper Body circuits
- Leg Days
- Glute-isolation training
- Ab & Core work 

15 Cardio Programs to add variety (including 2 Track Workouts)

All workouts/cardio programs can be done in less than 40 minutes

Basic Nutrition Guide to

Supplement Guide to aid in your nutrition and training

My most important key training concepts and tips to understand to be successful.

I modeled this program around my first 31-day program “Fully Focused” after several of my clients asked for another program like this after completing it more than once. It has attainable goals, yet challenging, and gets you in and out of the gym quickly with 5 scheduled workouts per week that can be done in under 40 minutes each.Enroll in this program so that you can get started!

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