Running: Develop Your Engine & Stamina

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  • Training Goal
  • Average Workout Time
    60 minutes
  • Times Per Week
    2x / week
  • Gym Access Required
  • Metron Membership Required
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  • Accesss to all the workouts on this program
  • Training tips from the Coach
  • Workout Personalization
  • Access to Metron App
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This program is a supplemental endurance program (2x a week - work together with other training programs) by Chris Hinshaw – CrossFit Games Champions' coach and 10x Ironman endurance competitor for anyone who want to improve performance (between 400m to 5K) and resistant to fatigue at the same time. 

What makes the program works is training with the correct stimulus, without the personalized target pacing you are not able to improve the threshold efficiently. They are generated based on your past performance history (It's tied to your PRs and progress). 


Train with your personalized pacing is the key part of your routine. The followings are the example of workouts that are in the programming. They are layout in a particular training progression to optimize the results.

  • Aerobic Threshold: Steady workouts at a moderate intensity to develop fuel efficiency (burn fat), musculoskeletal system, and aerobic endurance.
  • Lactate Threshold: Higher volume workouts with longer distance intervals at higher “threshold” intensities with less rest between reps and sets.
  • VO2 Max: Lower volume workouts, shorter distance intervals at higher intensities, and more rest between reps and sets.
  • Speed Endurance: Very low volume workouts with interval distances less than 60sec. Extremely high intensities. Used to recruit fast twitch fibers and force them to develop endurance. Full recovery between reps and sets.
  • Strength Endurance: Low volume workouts with high-intensity intervals that include various explosive movements to recruit and develop your fast twitch muscle fibers.
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Program Plans
What You Get
  • Each week includes 2 running workouts with personalized pace targets that have been used by CrossFit athlete to develop running speed, strength and endurance
  • The running workouts will sync perfectly into your exiting CrossFit training program
Who It's For
  • Coach Chris designed this weekly plan for current CrossFit athletes who have at least 3 months of CrossFit experience and has completed one or more 5Ks or longer distance running events
  • Athletes should be comfortable running 2x/week with their longest effort being 30 minutes
  • Athletes should have recent experience with high-intensity workouts such as speed intervals and tempo runs
  • Coach Chris created this program for the CrossFit athlete that wants to maximize their aerobic capacity while developing a more efficient aerobic engine and muscle stamina
  • Athlete will be occasionally ask to test their performance gains at various times during the progression. All performance gains will be used to update your personalized pace targets for future weekly workouts
  • During the on-boarding process, athletes will be asked to perform and record a max effort 400m and a mile for time. Coach Chris uses these times to program your personalized paces for each workout
  • The workouts will require a running watch or timing system to keep track of your interval pacing and record your results
  • While access to 400m running track is not required, it is preferred to verify pacing and interval distances
  • A desire to consistently put in hard work and take your aerobic system to the next level!